olllo.top let you use the mouse to do data analysis

Software design always has a goal, there is always an initial idea, the author of the development software is no exception, the initial idea is that everyone can use the computer's powerful data processing function, do not need to re-learn the computer language, do not need to program, open files directly, directly click on the function, get the desired result, direct point, everyone's time is very precious, don't do it, very annoying, right!

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Data.olllo Assistant

Data.ollo Data Assistant,the best data software in the olllo world, has two cores (P-core and V-core) currently and supports processing all kinds of data files.

File types: csv, xlsx, xls, dbf, json, h5, hdf5, hdf, arrow, feather, parquet, dta, fits, html, xml, clipboard, sav, pkl, sas7bdat, xpt, sas, spss, table, gbq, fwf orc, latex, ascii

Full operation of super-large data: batch reading, classification and export, split storage, type conversion

Full operation of dataframe: basic information, statistical calculation, merging and splicing, command execution

Full operation of columns and rows: sorting and filtering, new operations, de-duplication and categorization, regular support

Super operation for data processing: content matching, extraction, filtering and replacement, tools on the new

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Regex.ollo is a Visual Tool online to generate regular expressions

Regex.ollo, is for you do not want to learn so many uninteresting rule expressions, as long as the use of basic image elements, through the drag-and-drop way, you can generate the corresponding regular expressions online

At the first time you open the page, the time will be long, please drink a cup of coffee and be patience, the good life love slow ...

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